BioBased Products Coalition

The BioBased Products Coalition is a combination of companies and agricultural organizations working together to supply the rapidly growing demand for bio-based products. UTT is a charter member of this organization. Find more information about BioBased Products at


Carpet America Recovery Effort is a joint industry/government organization with a goal to increase the amount of recycling of post-consumer carpet and reduce the amount of waste carpet going to landfills. Learn about the progress being made at

Synthetic Turf Council

Universal Textile Technologies is a certified and charter member of the Synthetic Turf Council (STC). The STC was formed to guide the selection and use of synthetic turf systems. The STC is a non-profit association dedicated to address the desire of the industry to enhance its quality reputation. An STC certified company is committed to deliver on its honor. Visit for more information.

United Soybean Board

The USB administers soybean check off activities that focus on research, market development and expansion of the soybean industry. Visit for more information.

Carpet and Rug Backing, Inc

Carpet and Rug Backing and Supplies (CRB) is a leading supplier of specialty backings and products for the carpet, rug and synthetic turf industries. CRB’s backing product line includes, felts, non-skid backings, woven and nonwoven primary backings, woven and nonwoven secondary backings, high end Monks Cloth, and miscellaneous commercial fibers. Learn more about Carpet and Rug Backing and Supplies at

Global Textile Services

Global Textile Services provides multiple services to the textile industry. Shearing, coating, slitting, re-straightening, re-lam, packaging, shipping and topical applications are all offered services. To learn more about Global Textile Services and their products and services, contact Global Textile Services at (706) 226-5647.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first National Park, founded in 1872 to preserve the delicate ecosystem and wildlife in select regions of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. In 2011, Universal began working with Yellowstone to collect the plastic captured in the Park and to convert that plastic into certain carpet and synthetic turf backing systems. This cooperative effort reduces the number of bottles going into landfills, helps create US jobs, and aligns with the Park’s recycling goals.

Syntec Industries

Syntec manufactures and sells nylon, polypropylene, and polyester yarn in heatset and non- heatset, space-dyed, and air-entangled form. Syntec manufactures carpet in exterior and interior grade for marine, RV, and manufactured housing. Syntec also distributes various other products. To learn more about Syntec and the other products they distribute, visit