EnviroCelTM Residential

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Polyurethane Carpet Backing for residential apps

Resistance to Moisture Damage

A carpet’s lifecycle and appearance are improved dramatically when backed with EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL. Proven to withstand repeated cleanings, EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL Laminate and EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL Cushion resist moisture damage while providing long-lasting comfort for savvy homeowners who select this performance residential backing. Also, its innovative properties resist matting, raveling, and snagging.

Designed for Residential Carpet

The advantages of installing carpet backed with EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL are endless – one of the advantages is enhancing a carpet’s performance to improving indoor air quality. EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL is a water-resistant carpet backing designed for homes.

The Green Advantage

EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL is made of renewable and recycled materials. It is manufactured with post-consumer, recycled PET plastic used in the non-woven secondary backing, and its’ content replaces a portion of petroleum-based polyols with a natural oils, a renewable resource. EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL also contains a highly refined mineral compound that is recycled from previously mined calcium. Calcium’s unique chemical properties strengthen and stabilize polyurethane backings, improving performance and stability.

EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL improves indoor air quality due to low VOC levels and the insulating properties. EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL carpet backing extends the life of carpets, so less end up in landfills. It also contributes to LEED® for Homes project qualifiers.

It’s What’s Underneath That Counts

The importance of a quality carpet backing is often overlooked. In addition to performance benefits, the flexible, soft hand of EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL backings, compared to stiff, latex backings, prevents damage to walls and baseboards during installation. Ask your local carpet retailer for carpet backed with EnviroCelTM RESIDENTIAL and reap the rewards!