PET Recycled Plastic

petPET plastic is used to package soft drinks, water, juice, peanut butter, salad dressings, cosmetics and household cleaners. It is the type of plastic labeled with a #1 code on or near the bottom.

UTT incorporates recycled PET plastic into select backing systems. With the addition of PET plastic to our backings we have been able to help the environment by recycling a previously used material.

The addition of PET plastic in the secondary backing of UTT products enhances the strength and flexibility of the backing system. The insulating properties of the secondary backing can provide the benefit of reduced noise levels and building energy costs.

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. This is a plastic resin and a form of polyester. Polyethylene terephthalate is a polymer that is formed by combining two monomers: modified ethylene glycol and purified terephthalic acid.

Manufacturers use PET plastic to package products because of its strength, thermo-stability and transparency. Customers choose PET because it is inexpensive, lightweight, resealable, shatter-resistant and recyclable.