Mission Statement


EMS Policy Statement
Universal Textile Technologies, LLC is dedicated to the practice of sound environmental stewardship and promotion of health, safety and well being of our employees. These values originate at the company’s top management and are emphasized through all levels of responsibility within the organization.

Or goals include the use of biobased components to replace petro based technology.

The use of recycled plastic displaces virgin materials and reduces land field waste. The recycling of manufacturing waste is a priority in our manufacturing goals. The education of Americans of how they can be involved in recycling and the benefits is an object for our company.

These goals are reviewed by management routinely and we welcome visitors to our website www.universal-textile.com to view our EMS Policy Statement.

Additionally, Universal works to:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable federal, state, local and company environmental, safety and health standards.
  • Provide a workplace free of recognized hazards and maintain healthy working conditions for all company employees.
  • Closely monitor all facilities for prevention of pollution.
  • Participate in recycling to the greatest practical extent to reduce impact on landfills and promote recovery of valuable resources.
  • Convey to our customers, industry associates, vendors and the general public our strong environmental, safety and health commitment.
  • Strive to continuously improve our commitment to the above-stated principles through exercise of our EMS, improved technology, production changes and due diligence.