What are BioCel™ and EnviroCel™?

These are performance polyurethane backing systems constructed with renewable natural oils and recycled materials that provide an alternative to traditional carpet backing systems.

What are Bio-Based polymers?

Bio-Based polymers are polyurethane polymers that are manufactured with a portion of the polyol coming from natural oils, a renewable resource.

How are Bio-Based polymers used in the manufacturing of performance polyurethane carpet backings?

Bio-Based polymers are used in place of traditional polyurethane polymers to manufacture carpet backings for the hospitality, residential, commercial carpet and synthetic turf markets.

Why would I want to include your products in my specification?

Universal Textile Technologies’ polyurethane backings provide performance-based attributes that extend the life of your carpet, reducing the need for replacement and the amount of waste in our nation’s landfills.

Who, in addition to carpet mills, can benefit from this technology?

By manufacturing BioCelTM and EnviroCelTM with domestic, bio-based oils, we are helping to support the U.S. agricultural community.

Which mills offer BioCel™ and EnviroCel™?

Any carpet mill marketing a polyurethane carpet backing processed with Universal Textile Technologies has access to our products.

Does adding one of your carpet backing systems earn me additional LEED® points?

Yes. Specifying carpet with BioCelTM or EnviroCelTM may contribute to the total building materials requirement for rapidly renewable materials under the Materials and Resources Section of Version 2.0 of the LEED® guidelines.

Can your products be specified for GSA usage?

Yes. Our floor covering products can be submitted for GSA under SIN 31-601. Additional information may be obtained from UTT, the GSA or the Farm Bill.

Are any recycled materials used in the production of polyurethane carpet backings?

Yes, Universal Textile Technologies utilizes 100% post-consumer, recycled PET plastics and Bio-Based Chemistry.

How does the addition of BioCel™ or EnviroCel™ and the non-woven secondary backing contribute to the performance of the total finished carpet or synthetic turf product?

The qualities long associated with polyurethane backings remain intact with the use of our backings. Attributes such as durability, cushioning, stain resistance, and moisture resistance, have shown improvement with the use of BioCelTM and EnviroCelTM backings.

Did the cost of the backing systems increase in price as a result of this technology?

No. Our products maintain or increase their performance attributes and are more environmentally sensitive, with no increase in price.

Whom should I contact for additional information?

Contact Universal Textile Technologies at 706-876-5604 or ask your local mill representative.