Polyurethane Carpet Backing for mid-range traffic apps

EnviroCelTM was the first performance, polyurethane carpet backing system designed specifically for mid-level traffic applications including Hospitality, Healthcare, Assisted Living, Main Street Commercial, Commercial, Government and Education environments.

EnviroCelTM Cushion Plus A soft, green colored secondary backing manufactured using 100% recycled PET. EnviroCelTM Cushion Plus reduces noise levels and provides ergonomic benefits in buildings. The thermal insulating properties contribute to reduced energy costs and the lasting durability supports a carpets life and makes the need for replacement less frequent.

EnviroCelTM Residential A green reinforced secondary backing designed for stretch in on direct glue installation. EnviroCelTM Residential contains 100% post consumer PET plastic recycled from soda and water bottles. The addition of PET plastic allows UTT to help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic bottles disposed of in land fields – an excess of over 300 million to date.

EnviroCelTM backings also contain a highly refined mineral compound that is recycled from previously mined calcium. Calcium’s unique chemical properties strengthen and stabilize polyurethane backings, improving performance and stability.

In addition to environmental benefits, EnviroCelTM carpet backings support the life and appearance of carpet. Not adversely affected by water or temperature changes. EnviroCelTM backings withstand repeated wet cleanings. Ergonomic benefits, reduced heavy furniture imprinting, as well as a decrease in raveling and snagging are among the many features that make EnviroCelTM carpet backing a smart choice.